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Power Washing / Pressure Washing

We can fix it!




Our team of professionals are experts at operating pressure washing or power washing equipment. Our first consideration is that every situation is unique. Our experience tells us what equipment will be required for each job. Once we evaluate your project, we will determine the best, most effective process.

A professional high-pressure wash gives surprising results. We use powerful high-pressure equipment. This increases our ability to clean without damaging the surface. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt and grime comes off your surfaces.

Small or large surfaces; in the residential or commercial sectors; on concrete, brick, wood or metal; on buildings, machinery or floors, choose high-pressure cleaning to clean almost anything!



Our high-pressure washing service and cleaning teams offer efficient and competitively priced work for both small and large projects. Our specialized and very experienced local staff will exceed your expectations.

In the case of residential high-pressure washing, our experience with different materials is particularly appreciated. We carry out a complete cleaning of all surfaces: bricks, concrete, paving stones, aluminum, vinyl. For each surface, we adapt our method and power to get the best results.

Our specialized teams all have the necessary expertise to restore the surfaces of your home.



Our pressure washing services are appreciated because we deliver at a competitive price. We work efficiently, with respect for the environment and always in a safe manner for the public during any type of project located in high-traffic areas.



HAUS Handyman can remove all mould, mildew, tough to remove dirt, and salt stains from your deck. Tough stains are no match for our experienced team. With pressure we can remove every bit from every corner and crevice. Our team will get your surface clean without damaging your finish.



Here is where oil mixes with dirt and makes a tough stain. The pros at HAUS Handyman have the tools for this job. There is nothing cleaner than our professional high-pressure cleaning system. A driveway is an important part of the look of your property. From potential buyers to your neighbours, your street appeal says a lot about you. From an interlocking driveway to asphalt and concrete, when we’re done, you’ll want to show it off.



The HAUS Handyman Pressure washing system will restore your interlocking pavement to its original glory. This is the tool for cleaning interlocking pavers, and we’re the team to use it for the job. Grime, rust stains, caked-on dirt, weeds, oil, even gum, has no chance of staying on your surface or in the cracks when we use these tools. High pressure in the hands of our experienced professionals will clean it all up.

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