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Plumbing Services in Vancouver



Entrust your throne to a HAUS Handyman licensed plumber. Any number of issues can occur with your toilet, we’ve seen most of them. If you need your toilet repaired or are experiencing problems like a running toilet, a leaking toilet, or a clogged toilet, we know all about how to fix it. Sometimes the best thing to do is replace it. Fast replacement is important, particularly if you have only one bathroom in your residence. The professional plumbers at HAUS Handymen have the skills to get it done quickly. instead of watching the water rise to the top of the bowl, contact us. We’ll figure out if you need to replace toilet flappers, repair handles, repair broken flanges, repair toilet bowls, repair toilet tanks, replace or repair toilet seats, or service fill valves. We are your on-call Vancouver plumber.



If the first thing you notice when you enter your kitchen is a leaky faucet, bring in a licensed Vancouver plumbing professional from HAUS Handyman for a quick fix. Faucet repair and replacement are part of our plumbing services. Call us and you can start saving money on water bills, prevent water damage, and relieve your plumbing worries. Don’t delay because over time, even small leaks can cause big problems.

Common problems that may cause a leaky faucet, include:

  • Broken pipes and fittings
  • A loosened handle or other parts
  • A worn-out seal
  • A worn-out or improperly installed washer
  • A loose or worn-out O-ring
  • Bathroom Faucets

If you have a leaky bathroom faucet, you are probably growing tired of laying in bed listening to the constant drip of water. Plus, installing a new sink and countertop in your bathroom, can add as much value to your home as new flooring and appliances. The licensed professional Vancouver plumbers at HAUS Handyman have a lot of experience installing new bathroom faucets, sinks, and countertops. Contact us to discuss your options.



Bathrooms, particularly showers, have changed substantially over the years. They are newer, sometimes a little unconventional, and often use more complicated water delivery systems. We at HAUS Handyman want to help you find just the right shower fixture for your needs and your budget and will install it quickly and professionally so you can start enjoying your shower without delay.



This is one of the most critical parts of any house. Water lines supply all freshwater coming into your home. There are options if you are experiencing leaking. HAUS Handyman is the Vancouver plumber that can either repair the line where it is leaking, replace the pipe with a new one by excavating, or by using a “pull-through” system (not requiring a trench). We are great at evaluating your situation and offering the best advice.

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