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Doors are the portals from which we enter and leave our houses and maintain our inner boundaries and privacy. As such maintaining your doors in terms of function – opening and closing, draft proof seals, locks working – is important. A secondary consideration is that the look of a door and its trim impact the aesthetics of your house. From the outside, it helps shape people’s impressions of your house or home-based business. Once inside the doors you choose and their state of repair impacts your quality of life and enjoyment of your home.

If any of your doors or trim, inside, or out, are unhinged, loose, damaged, or just plain broken, HAUS Handyman can replace or repair any door or the trim around it, quickly and with quality results. That’s what being a HAUS Handyman is all about.



You don’t necessarily need to know what is causing the sticking, squeaking, air leakage, HAUS Handyman understands the causes behind the issue and knows the best way to fix it. We can install closet doors, pocket doors, barn doors, French doors, interior or exterior doors, and screen doors. Door jams are also something we know. We’ll identify the issue quickly and give you a solution in no time.



HAUS Handyman considers ourselves to be door installation experts. We can change out any door quickly and easily. A new front door is a great way to transform your home. New interior doors are also a great transformation. You may have purchased the highest-quality door for your home, but they still need to be installed properly to function well.



Door casings are frequently damaged, either by moving furniture or chewed on by your dog. If you want your door to stand out, it needs a great frame. When we install your doors, we’ll also look at the casing. We’ll discuss the right materials, the extent of the replacement or repair work, and let you know how much it affects the functioning of that door.



Feel free to call us to repair your door handles. We know how it goes. You just need your door handle repaired. You just need it to work securely and effectively. Over time, a door handle may become loose and increasingly difficult to operate. At some point, it will simply stop working. Contact us so we can let you know whether it is still repairable, or whether you need a new one.



Many people don’t realize that there are different kinds of deadbolt locks. There are basically three categories: single cylinder deadbolt, double cylinder deadbolt, and high-security deadbolts. We can recommend which deadbolt lock is best suited for your home, or business. Deadbolts are used in conjunction with a door handle lock and will make your premises more secure and picklock resistant. Ask us about adding a deadbolt to your front door when we install it. We’ll suggest the best deadbolts and get right to work on them.



If your door sticks, squeaks, closes by itself, is uneven, or a screw is always loose, it is probably the hinge. We know how to figure out which it is, we know our job isn’t done until we know you are satisfied. If you are concerned about the safety and security of your door, we can offer suggestions. Did you know for example that some doors can be bypassed by removing the hinge pins? We install ways of preventing this with safety studs, pin installments, or set screws.

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