Caulking and Silicone

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HAUS Handyman is an expert at assuring your bathroom be it beautiful or plain is above all else properly sealed. A poorly sealed bathroom can be damaging to your house or condo. Not only in the bathroom but nearby rooms can be affected. If fixtures, like your bathtub, shower, or toilet, have bad caulking, they let out moisture which can seep into floors or walls. This can cause wallboard or floor damage.

We can not only repair the seal of your bathroom, but we can also protect the rest of your home from damage. We also will happily provide tips for care and maintenance of your caulking if you feel you want to learn from our experience.



Kitchen upgrades increase the value of your home as much as bathroom upgrades. A HAUS Handyman can take on all the kitchen projects, especially the kitchen sink. Sometimes it is as simple as repairing or replacing a kitchen sink faucet. When we install a new faucet or sink, you can be sure that it is installed correctly, and professionally to ensure no drips, leaks, or water damage occurs.



Baseboards are tricky. You need a professional to assure that there are no gaps and joints that don’t fit. Inside corners are particularly challenging for the inexperienced. HAUS Handyman pros know how to do this job. Caulking will be needed on the top of the baseboard, where the wall meets the baseboard. Paintable caulking gives a finished look, unifying the wall and the baseboard. Whatever we install around your home, we always want a great-looking finish.

Casings go around window frames. Some are on the exterior to keep the outside temperature from coming in, and some are interior, they simply mean to cover door frames and match the style of the rest of the room. Any sealing or frame around a window or door is a casing, and we can fix them and install them. In addition to functioning to block airflow between window frame, or door frame and the rough opening, casings give windows and doors their character, impacting the style of the room or home.

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