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Your restaurant is a busy place, there are lots of people involved all day/every day, using the facilities, coming in the door, wearing the floor and bumping into walls and generally causing wear and tear. Things break, wear out, and are just in need of repair or replacement. Doors, floors, walls, lights, plumbing, electrical, it all needs maintenance. That’s why keeping HAUS Handyman on call is a good idea. Any remodelling, painting, repairing, or additions, all need doing either in the cooking areas, food service areas, or restrooms. Restaurant maintenance is essential to continue operating, downtime can be disastrous, so you need professionals familiar with the jobs that can work quickly and efficiently.



Mounting a TV in your establishment isn’t necessarily part of the core competency of restaurant management. If you run the type of establishment that requires a TV or TVs to be mounted, like a sports bar, you can’t afford for your patrons to miss their favourite team play. Depending on the location, you need different kinds of TV mounts. There are several functionality options, and you need to use what works best be it for looks or functionality. We install wall mount brackets, swivel brackets, flush mounts, or tilting mounts, we know them all. So, installation is fast and efficient. Do you need a TV mounted by airtime? Call us.



With all the bussing and waiting of tables, eventually, there is bound to be some wall damage. This requires fast and immediate repair. Wear and tear are a whole different story in a restaurant. Many restaurants are not just in the food industry, they’re in the reputation business as well. Small things add up to big things. That is true of repair and maintenance as much as it is those little things that your patrons notice. You’ll never have to wonder how to begin to repair a damaged wall and make it look like the damage never happened when you call HAUS Handyman.



Any business devoted to drinking and eating must always have fully operational restrooms. When it comes to plumbing in a restaurant, it’s all critical, that’s why you should call HAUS Handyman. We can repair, install, and replace bathroom fixtures, kitchen sinks and faucets, broken pipes, loose handles, resealing, washers, O-rings, or corroded valve seals. You can focus on running a restaurant or tavern, we can handle those details. Everything gets used a lot in a food and drink establishment, so everything needs regular maintenance, especially the plumbing. We work so that your patrons won’t even know there’s a problem.



This is an area of maintenance and repair that you and your restaurant staff want a certified, qualified, and experienced electrician to handle. We provide a complete service at HAUS Handyman, from initial installation to troubleshooting and repair. You have a lot of moving parts to your restaurant, many of them electrical. Any one of them can cause the entire operation to come to a sudden halt. We’ll keep you wired for business. We can handle every one of your needs because of our extensive experience. Like plumbing, your electrical system requires knowledge of how everything should be connected, to know whether it is connected properly. From restroom fans and timers, light switches, and outlets, to light fixtures, and ceiling fans, HAUS Handyman has that knowledge.

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