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The professionals at HAUS Handyman are specialists in everything you need to maintain your commercial space. When you are running an office, even your own business, you have many things to focus on. Focus on your business and leave the maintenance to us. We can handle it all. From troubleshooting and repair to assembly, and build – we are your dedicated team.

Here’s a shortlist, but keep in mind, you can reach out to our team about anything you need to be done, large or small.

  • Removing Graffiti
  • Door and lock installation and repair
  • Crown moulding
  • Cubical assembly
  • Restroom repair
  • Mounting whiteboards
  • Tiles & Drywall
  • and more


Proper maintenance of your retail outlet is ongoing and vital. We are highly experienced, so you don’t have to wait for us to get up to speed, we already know the job and how to get it done. It is a real advantage for you to be able to go to one source for all your needs. Whether you are a store in a mall or the mall itself, we are your solution for whatever comes up, no matter how diverse, from graffiti removal and repairs to installation and electrical work, we are on call for you. We have highly trained and skilled handymen in every category of service for your commercial retail needs.



Strata properties have common areas that tend to need more attention because they are used by everyone. We provide a complete service at HAUS Handyman, from initial installation to troubleshooting and repair. Count on it.



Rental property demands a wide range of expertise. Maintenance and management can be all over the map. This is when you truly need a handyman, and not just handy, but knowledgeable and professional. From construction like fencing and gates, interior finishing and repair like drywall and painting, to plumbing, and electrical, we handle the full gamut. This is a rental property, there is always something happening. With this kind of work, it must be done properly the first time. A big part of rental maintenance is cleaning. HAUS Handyman considers each cleaning situation differently, knowing when to power wash and when to soft wash.

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