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There’s a good chance that your office runs on a schedule. Deadlines and performance are just part of your operation. It is also a good idea to schedule regular maintenance with the pros at HAUS Handyman. You can stay focused on your business, and we can focus on your office. When your office is disrupted by things like electrical, or plumbing problems, we’ll be there to keep everything running.



A common area is everyone’s responsibility. Whether your property needs maintenance on a hallway, a laundry room, a parking lot, a lobby, or an office building bathroom, we take on the responsibility along with you. Since no one person can take on the responsibility for a common area, we will.



Co-Operative Housing is a great opportunity to acquire a primary residence and share in ownership with others. That includes shared responsibility for areas that are common to all. This is a great fit for HAUS Handyman co-operative housing handyman services. No one unit holder has sole responsibility for a common area or any cooperative housing repairs. We take that responsibility. In this scenario, the primary residents are shareholders of a corporation that shares the ownership. As a result, they are all responsible for the common areas of the building.



Your restaurant is a busy place, there are lots of people involved all day/every day, using the facilities, coming in the door, wearing the floor and bumping into walls and generally causing wear and tear. Things break, wear out, and are just in need of repair or replacement. Doors, floors, walls, lights, plumbing, electrical, it all needs maintenance. That’s why keeping HAUS Handyman on call is a good idea. Any remodelling, painting, repairing, or additions, all need doing either in the cooking areas, food service areas, or restrooms. Restaurant maintenance is essential to continue operating, downtime can be disastrous, so you need professionals familiar with the jobs that can work quickly and efficiently.



When it comes to shopping centres and mall repair services, the expert contractors at HAUS Handyman are the best in the business. No matter the attention your shopping centre needs, you can trust the leaders of general repairs in Vancouver to have your back. With combined decades of experience, our contractor team guarantees to provide the most affordable, efficient, and thorough service available. Give us a call today to request a free quote, schedule an appointment, or ask any questions you may have.



The professionals at HAUS Handyman are specialists in everything you need to maintain your office. When you are running an office, even your own business, you have many things to focus on. Focus on your business and leave the maintenance to us. We can handle it all. From troubleshooting and repair to assembly, and build – we are your dedicated team.

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