What Jobs Can a Handyman Do in My House?

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Sometimes, it feels like every person you know has a different definition of the term handyman. That’s because different handymen perform different maintenance work around the home, making the list of handyman services quite long.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a definite answer to the question of “what jobs can a handyman do in my house?” once and for all. In a nutshell, it all boils down to what a handyman is licensed to do and what they have experience in doing. Let’s explore the details!

Contractor or Handyman?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of handyman services, we need to distinguish between a contractor and a handyman. Some home improvement jobs can only be done by a licensed contractor, such as large renovations, demolition work, potentially hazardous jobs, and similar.

On the other hand, handymen basically handle small jobs involving minimal repair work, electrical work, minor plumbing work like swimming pool maintenance, fix-up tasks, interior and exterior work, and similar.

So, in essence, contractors are responsible for the major home repair tasks, like a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodeling, flooring installation, area construction, storage area facility building, while handyman jobs are narrower in scope.

What Kind of Things Does a Handyman Do?

Now that we’re clear on the differences, here’s a list of the precise projects a handyman can take on in your house.

Odd Jobs

“Odd jobs” is the umbrella term encompassing all small jobs around your home that you could possibly be hiring a handyman for. It spans to include bathroom repairs, home maintenance tasks, shelf installation, furniture assembly, and related tasks.

Not to mention, the list of odd jobs includes tasks you wouldn’t even think of, like installing doorbells and locks, TV mounting, hanging pictures, mirrors, and art, installing countertops, curtain hanging, and many more tasks!

Shelving Installation

Shelving installation might seem like an easy task that isn’t worth hiring a handyman for. However, in Burnaby, BC, many handymen services actually include shelving installation to make sure you minimize space waste as much as possible.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Gutter cleaning involves ladders, and not everyone feels comfortable taking the risk of climbing one and clean gutters simultaneously. That’s understandable and is pretty common, which is why it’s actually a handyman service. You can hire a handyman to not only clean your gutters, but to also inspect them, repair damage, and eliminate clogging for you.

Electrical Work

Electrical work is a tricky area because not all handymen are actually licensed to it. Since it involves wiring, there may be risks associated with your task.

Yet, it comes down to your judgment on whether or not your job requires simple trade skills or an actual license. For instance, a light fixture isn’t the same as an insulation installation. Just take care of who you’re hiring and for what.

I’d go with minor electrical tasks like energy updates, fan installations, lamp repairs, ventilation units, and such.


Yes, DIY painting has become more common than ever before, but not everyone is confident that their home will look right if they do the painting themselves. That’s precisely when you should hire a handyman. They don’t have to be professional painters at all; painting is a subset of home improvement. Handymen are actually much more cost-effective than professionals!

Drywall Installation and Repair

Drywall installation, drywall repair, and drywall inspection are all part of the services a handyman can offer you. Whether you’re moving into a new building or renting a home and need some holes repaired, your handyman is the one for the task! Whether they’re in the place of mirrors, paintings, art, or pictures, they’ll be like they never existed before.

General Carpentry and Home Repairs

Carpentry tasks are among the projects that occupy the most time and for no clear reason! Whether you’re looking to set up bookcases, shelves, countertops, cabinets, or more, make a list and pass it on to your handyman. You won’t have to worry about carpentry ever again!

And since we love to compile a comprehensive list of tasks, add any repair job you’d like as well. Whether you’re looking to repair windows, doors, staircases, or fences, you’ll get that done in a blink of an eye too.

Minor Plumbing Jobs

You should leave the complicated plumbing jobs for contractors or licensed plumbers, but if your plumbing job is a minor one, it’s always reasonable to seek a handyman. Minor jobs include fixing leaky faucets, dripping sinks, issues with toilets, and broken showerheads. Some people may even get these tasks done themselves, so don’t worry about hiring a handyman for them.

Furniture Assembly

Companies like IKEA have fostered a DIY culture when it comes to furniture assembly. Not everyone enjoys it, though. Sometimes, it’s actually a hassle that keeps furniture stacked away for a while. With handyman services, assembling indoor and outdoor furniture is no longer an issue. You’re in good hands, and all you need to do is sit and watch your furniture come to life.

Final Words

The bottom line is that a handyman is there for any job you’ve been looking to get checked off your to-do list but can’t get around to because of time restrictions. From fixing to installing different parts of the house, leave it to your handyman!

Today, handyman services are very broad and extensive in nature, from easy tasks that take minimal time to more extensive ones requiring multiple steps. Luckily, hiring them is no longer a hassle. In fact, they’re as close as a tap away! Don’t forget, our team at HAUS Handyman company in Burnaby, BC, is always here to handle your projects.

Take a walk around your house and make a to-do list for your handyman and block just one day from your schedule to get all your home repairs and improvements done. You’ll be surprised by how much money and time you save in the process!

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